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Salsa Cycles Video Contest-Final Update!

Do you want some awesome fatbike pictures? From Alaska? Then read on and vote!

Ok people, this is the final update before the end of the Salsa Cycles Video Contest on Sunday night. First off I want to give a huge thanks to everyone that has voted so far. In just under a week I’ve managed to get almost 200 additional votes! That’s amazing and very much appreciated. However, it’s not over yet, and while I’m in the lead as I type this, it has been neck and neck all week.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, for years I’ve dreamt of traveling to Alaska, and things just haven’t lined up for me so this is my chance. I think this can really happen. I want to spend time camping on the beach, riding my bike with friends, fighting mosquitos, eating cold food and avoiding being a bear’s dinner. Enjoying the outdoors is very important to me and Alaska is the place my dreams are made of.

So for the final time I’m asking, no, pleading, to please cast a vote for my video. If you already have, please share the link on your facebook page, or tweet about it. Do you have a blog? Post about it! Ask your friends, family, co-workers, strangers or whoever you can think of to vote for my video too. I can’t afford to leave any votes behind. Did you vote through facebook? You can vote again through twitter, and vice versa. Double your votes! I’m asking everyone I know, so don’t feel alone. I’m bugging EVERYONE!

The contest ends on Sunday at midnight and I’m hoping to generate enough votes in the final two days to carry me to the finish, but please know that every vote counts in this. Like I mentioned before, it’s been neck and neck between myself and one other person.

I really hope to be able to email everyone on Monday letting them know that I’ve won. Please help to get me there. Here’s the link.

Errin Vasquez

20 Sep 2012

Salsa Contest Update-More Votes Needed!

Hi all,

I wanted to send out an update on the video contest that I’m currently in. The contest only has a week left. We are getting down to it now! Here’s the deal though. Basically, I’m in 2nd place. 3rd place is not too far behind me and I need a ton of votes to get back to 1st. As of right now I’m down about 80 votes, but I’d like to get many, many more than that. The Minneapolis bike scene has come out in force for their contestant and I need the LA bike scene AND all my friends to do the same for me!

At stake is a trip of a lifetime. Bikepacking along the beach of Alaska on a fatbike. What could be better right? Camping, sleeping on the ground, bears and mosquitos! For me, not much. I’ve been dreaming about doing such a thing for a few years now and this is the closest I’ve ever been to making it happen. My video has been well received and gotten me this far. I’d like to see it get me all the way and win the final vote too! I need each and everyone one of your votes though to make that happen. So I’m sending this email out to everyone I know. Friends, coworkers, fellow cyclists, fellow randonneurs, fellow gear makers, fellow fatbike bloggers, you name it.

In order to vote, click the link below and log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. What? You don’t have Facebook or Twitter? Well now is a good time to join! Or maybe you don’t, but does your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, kids, or cousin(s) have an account? Ask them to vote too! Heck, even your dog! I’m sure with your help I can get enough votes to stay in the competition.

So please take a couple minutes and vote at the following link. You can vote once through Facebook and once through Twitter. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I hope to represent LA in Alaska! Let’s do this!


Errin Vasquez

14 Sep 2012

Salsa Cycles Video Contest-Vote for Me!

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I have no excuses. So what have you been up to? Anything fun? Any adventures?

Well, here’s what I’ve been up to. I went ahead and entered the Salsa Cycles Video Contest. I used my trusty Fargo Ti and shot a video about finding adventure here in Los Angeles. Why would I do that? Two reasons actually. Well, I suppose it’s one, but it’s a two parter. The grand prize in this is not some t-shirt or a water bottle. Nope, it’s something that if you have found yourself on this blog, you are well aware of. Yep, it’s a Salsa Mukluk Ti AND a trip to Alaska! Some call it the holy grail of fatbiking. I’ve been longing to go there for over 10 years. If I can go there on someone else’s dime, with a new bike, then I’m gonna try. So try I did and I made it to the finals. Now I need as many votes as possible. So please take a minute to go here and cast your vote for my video. I’d appreciate it and I’ll try to get more posts up here.


Salsa Video Contest-Adventure Is Where You Make It. from Errin Vasquez on Vimeo.

27 Aug 2012

Fat climb!

Whoa, it’s been a month since I’ve shared anything here. It’s been about that long since I fatbiked too! Where does the time go?

Yesterday I met my friend Steve and we did the short climb up to Henninger Flats in Altadena. It was a Salsa geek out! I was on my Mukluk and he was on his El Mariachi. Both from Topanga Creek Bicycles of course.

This is the Mt Wilson toll road. It’s steep and there are no breaks on the way up. At least it’s dirt! To top it off it was misty and the road was muddy in sections. Perfect for a fatbike. Perfect for me. Here’s the Strava info to geek out on.

Until next time!



2 May 2012

HTFU Stemcap

A new Stemcap arrived for the Mukluk yesterday. The Mukluk is such a capable beast that you can find yourself in over your head. That’s when you need to HTFU!


5 Apr 2012


Bruce snapped this pic of me climbing on this past weekends ride. Yeah, it’s not dirt, but deal with it. The second pic was taken at Mt. Lowe trail camp. In it you can see my new Salsa Anything Cage with the kickass Anything Bag from Porcelain Rocket. More info on those to come.



3 Apr 2012

Mt. Lowe Recon

Bruce, Rod and I loaded up the bikes to ride up to the site of the Mt. Lowe Tavern. Neither one of them had been up there before, and both of them where trying out new bikes. Rod was on his new Salsa El Mariachi and Bruce was on his re-built Kogswell. I was on my trusty Mukluk of course. Bruce and I have talked about camping up there for sometime now and so he wanted to see what the ride up was like without carrying any gear. The bottom of the climb is really steep, so steep that when it levels out at 8% it feels flat.

Once at the dirt things got more fun and the Mukluk just rode over everything. The rain from the day before had moved a bunch of the rocks around but I didn’t have to worry about picking a line. I just pedaled. Once at Inspiration Point we broke out our stoves and enjoyed some tea and Girl Scout cookies. That’s right, I said it. Tea and Girl Scout cookies. We are pretty badass.

That’s Catalina Island 75 miles away.

Looking down at downtown Los Angeles and the Rose Bowl.

1 Apr 2012

Minnesota Mud

On my last day in Minneapolis Jason took me for a ride on some local roads near his house. We checked out an old ammunition plant and some gravel roads. This ride was one of the coldest of the trip with the wind blowing in our face. It was also some of the trickiest. For a couple short stretches we rode on ice and I really didn’t want to hit the deck. Both our bikes and our clothes got covered n mud and grime. What a way to finish the trip. Thanks Jason.

22 Mar 2012

Matt’s Video

Matt Gersib shot video of our trip in Northern Minnesota. Here’s his video of us riding in Duluth.

Duluth, MN Fatbiking on the shore of Lake Superior from Matt Gersib on Vimeo.

19 Mar 2012

Grand Marais

The day started out with a brutal climb straight outta town. A whooped out snowmobile trail that seemed unrideable, but with our fat tires and low pressures we made it up. Well mostly. There were a couple steep pitches that required pushin’. I was so hot on the climb that I stripped down to only my baselayer. In Minnesota! The climb turned in to a amazing stroll through the forest dropping us off at the frozen DevilTrack Lake. It was kinda scary at first, but I just followed along blindly with my compadres. That’s the right way to do it, right?

14 Mar 2012